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New website Blog…

By June 28, 2015June 16th, 2023No Comments

New website Blog…

New website they said, it needs to be constantly updated and full of activity they said… We need a blog!! A regular blog about education technology and all things Drift IT. Who do we know that can write this blog? Who doesn’t shut up about education technology and for that matter doesn’t shut up?

So here I am once again learning something new. I’m no writer so we’ll see how it goes. The subject of this first attempt is of course our shiny new website. Which I will say I’m very pleased with indeed. This update has been a long time coming and for many reasons it has been delayed several times so I hope you like it.

As I’m sure you have already heard, this year is Drift IT’s 10th Anniversary a special milestone for all involved and with that in mind we decided to spruce ourselves up a bit. We face lifted our brand, adjusting our logo to give us an up to date feel. This meant an update to the stationary, uniforms and van signage, including the website which was in need of replacement anyway so we got to work.

We know a little about websites here at Drift IT and you may know that website design is one of the services we offer. Drift IT Services has had a few websites over the years and one of the biggest hurdles we have found is preparing the content. Everyone has an idea about the pages and information they want on the website but few people have the ability to write that information in a non-overwhelming style or in fact any style. I have written the content for most of the previous sites and I decided it needed something a little extra this time. I meet with a professional copy writer and talked her ear off about Drift IT for the morning and tried to get across who we are and what we do for our clients’ I also armed her with various things I’ve written over the years. After a few revisions we have hopefully arrived at a friendly and concise version of the content.

Once we had that we set about the design element of the site. We wanted something clean looking which incorporated our new branding. The site is based in WordPress and has hand coded elements in HTML 5. We wanted to keep the amount of pages and text to a minimum as no one really wants to read pages and pages of text. *he says whilst prattling on line after line*

The homepage features a slide show banner of comments and testimonials our clients have been kind enough to write for us. Since the vast majority of our new business comes from recommendations or staff moving from one school to another we felt these comments were important and therefore warranted a spot on the homepage. You can also find a brief description of some the key services we provide. There’s also links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and this amazing new blog.

Drift IT Blog

On the IT support page you’ll find more details about our core service and a handy info graphic that displays our offering. The AV Support and Creative pages provide more information about some other important services we provide. On one of our previous websites we had a meet the team page which was popular with our clients but absent in the last version of the site. You’ll be pleased to know its back and you can see the team and find out interesting facts about each of them.

So I think I’ve said about as much as I can about the new site. Hopefully you like it and Drift’s new face lifted look for 2015. Thanks for reading if anyone did 🙂

Pete Morgan