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NanoLearning – An effective tool for a Primary Classroom?

By May 11, 2021June 16th, 2023No Comments

NanoLearning – An effective tool for a Primary Classroom?

Post lockdown teaching staff may find themselves with children with a much shorter attention span than when they were last in the classroom. Could NanoLearning be a potential solution or tool to combat this? Let’s explore!

What is it? 

Based on the 80/20 rule, NanoLearning is a method of teaching based on a series of short (more than 2 minutes, less than 5!) sessions, which when delivered to the right students is proven to increase the ability to take and retain information. So much time away from the classroom and standard curriculum delivery means that many pupils will need a quick refresher on things that they learned prior to original lockdown and NanoLearning could fit into a class timetable well.

The concept is not effective when teaching students something for the first time and would not be the right method to do a deep dive into a subject. However, apps like TikToc, iMovie, etc (other formats are available) have the potential to focus and channel the learners mind to 60 seconds of information that they can revisit as often as needed or use their creativity to make one themselves – reinforcing their learning and communicating that in a modern way. This opens up avenues for other forms of assessment methods too.   

Still not convinced? Think about your own learning. Be honest – how many times have you searched up a step by step guide on how to do something? – Bake a cake, change a tyre, cut hair (very useful during lockdown), troubleshoot an IT issue, or even learn a certain dance sequence. Most of these now come in video form and are quick, to the point and tend to stick in our memories. Imagine how effective these could be to reinforce a subject recently learnt in school.

We are giving a BIG thumbs up to NanoLearning!